USA & Moslim Brotherhood

A while ago I was one of many who signed an online petition to the White House to recognise Moslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation. I received a reply today and thought, this has to be shared with the world. So i took a screen shot. Basically, after all these years and events in Egypt, the White House doesn’t believe MB are terrorists. Waooooooooooo. This is amazing news guys. Proves even more how deeply involved you are in messing up the middle east map. The New Middle East they call it.

Try to life here, Egypt, walk the streets I go through, sit on cafes and mingle with people. Hear their stories and the truth will hit you in the face.

White House response to MB petition.

White House response to MB petition.

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Staging a demonstration, the new MB run for oscars

This is really interesting. For anyone following my blog, i think you know i’m not a political analyst. I just try to connect some facts sometimes or feature a piece of news. The MB had been using pictures from Syria for a while caliming it is of Egyptians being killed by the army. On each of these occasions, they were spotted by active bloggers and photographers.
In this link, they are staging a demonstration complete with all juicy details, injured and dead. Please watch, it is a good dark comedy.

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MB International Terrorism

This article, based on District Attorney, proves that Moslem Brotherhood is using International members to fight alongside the Egyptian ones. Thinking of these facts together with reports on business deals and agreements of Former President morsi, proves that the international MB is in a global fight to gain back the treasure cave they thought it is theirs, Egypt.

Link to Article on Egypt Independent.

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MB Attack on Army

Early today, MB armed protesters have started firing at Army soldiers station around the Republican Guards House. Moslem Brotherhood started promoting the idea “Army started the attack”. This actually contradicts with eye witness accounts of people who lives in this area as well as videos released by media. I will keep posting any new videos, but for now you can see this one.

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Al Qaeda Support Morsi

This is an article in an Egyptian newspaper. It just gives you a sample of Morsi supporters. The flag of Al Qaeda is held by some protestors. Does Obama support a terrorist regime? I do not an answer for this, it is a question for you to contemplate! link to article

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Buying Legitimacy

I’m not a political analyst, therefor i will not try to analyze the current Egyptian political situation. I’m motivated by all the current international media talking about military coup in Egypt. I want to convey a message to my forign friends, specially in USA. This is just a brief account on how Moslem Brotherhood got their legitimacy to rule Egypt. Continue reading

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I’m Egyptian

Omnia celebrating in Victoria Square, Maadi

Omnia celebrating in Victoria Square, Maadi

I know that the best thing to do isn’t take an opinion from a twelve year old girl, who probably is just effected by her parents judgment towards all that’s happening. But hear me out please… Continue reading

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