I’m not a political analyst, therefor i will not try to analyze the current Egyptian political situation. I’m motivated by all the current international media talking about military coup in Egypt. I want to convey a message to my forign friends, specially in USA. This is just a brief account on how Moslem Brotherhood got their legitimacy to rule Egypt. The methods of the MB in gaining votes in any elections was based on the poor and ignorant. This you would not know unless you go through the slums of Cairo and the farmer villages. MB gives reduced food products and other goods for free to occupants of these areas. They also use the high percentage of ignorance of people in these areas to promote the idea MB is the real representative of Islam and they will uphold this religion and observe its teachings. Religion had been always the winning card in Egypt since its oldest history days.
I’m a scholar of Egyptian history. Non of the invaders of Egypt managed to secure their position without respecting the religion of the Egyptians, Alexander the Great respected it and all the Roman Emperors followed his example.
We have seen the constitution referendum being forged on you tube, like almost all elections before.
Our problem will remain the same, ignorance and poverty. This is the real challenge for any future elections. This will remain our chief challenge for generations to come. However, i believe what happens in Egypt now is the first step in a long path to democracy.
Dear friends in USA, your path in democracy started with the Founding Fathers hundreds of years ago. We are just starting but we hope, with modern technology, it will not take that long.


3 thoughts on “Buying Legitimacy

  1. The methods used by the Moslem Brotherhood that helped them win the democratic and fair elections in Egypt is no different to what we do in the West. Through promises, local activism and investing in vote winning policies votes are won in elections. The Moslem Brotherhood won fairly and with good marketing on the street level.

    Whilst I dislike mixing religion with politics I would like to say that it is bad action when a democratically elected government is removed from office by the army, then arrested, harassed and shot, with media outlets closed. I dislike my UK government but I would not expect them to be removed by the army, I will wait and vote them out of office at the next election. Using the army to remove politicians you dislike is not democratic, it will as history has shown mean your nation will not enjoy democracy but bloodshed and dictatorship.

    1. Thanks Alex for your reply. I would like to highlight 2 points,
      1) the army helped removing after vast movement from the population and after giving 2 ultimatums to the president. This point is what media can show and you can agree or disagree, but my next point is more important.
      2) take this from an Egyptian, living in Egypt, not really a youngster. MB was changing Egypt identity. You say you dislike your government, it is not the same as walking in the street where you live and work, shopping mall or government office and you feel you do not belong. The MB where on a mission to change Egypt identity.
      You have to stand with yourself and ask, why REALLY millions took to the streets? What were they defending? What made them so united on ONE demand?
      It is hard to feel what we feel because we LIVE here. This is home. And this home was changing.
      Once again, i appreciate your comments.

      1. I totally understand your feelings, I have communicated with other Egyptians like you who were just as alarmed at the changes and relieved at the ending of the MB.

        I can only write from my perspective of the UK and of history. In the UK I have been alive long enough to see how the policies of 12 years of Margaret Thatcher/Conservatives and then another 12 under Tony Blair/Labour, and then now this Government who follows a hard policy of austerity, how all these elected governments changed the identity of my nation. Change is inevitable, but through the democratic process new politicians can be elected every election cycle so that if you dislike change it can be changed. Unfortunately when elected governments are removed by soldiers it undermines democracy, the ability to make changes, and you end with dictatorship. You may find that you will be facing a bloody and hard fight against your own army for democracy you fought for and so easily sacrificed.

        I wish you and all your people well in the difficult time ahead.

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