I found this to be amazing actually. At the beginning I didn't want to read, however, I got intrigued. So I spent sometime with it, gave it a thought, and it is brilliant. An intelligent analysis and a great lesson for the attention w**** ,if you know what i mean.


Emirates vs Egypt Air

This is an eye opener on efficient management. It can be taken in bad sense but, Emirates was founded in 1984 while Egypt Air was founded in May 1932. This Bloomberg article describes where Emirates stands now. Absolutely astonishing... Emirates Running Out of Sky.

Luxor West Bank

It had been a while since I visited Luxor. I finally managed to make a visit last week and it was great to be back to my favorite sites, King's Valley, Dier El Madina, Karnak & Luxor temples. There was a great traffic of Egyptians discovering their country. It was great to see Egyptian families listening … Continue reading Luxor West Bank


North Dakota vs Rabaa

North Dakota officials hope to quell pipeline protests with fines | Reuters. The above is the line of news from Reuters. Police will fine anyone who supplies protest with a 1000$ fine.  Compare that to Rabaa back in 2013. The world was calling for human rights and protesters in Rabaa had total free of movement. … Continue reading North Dakota vs Rabaa


Historical Video on Nile Cruise

A great video with commentary of a British traveller on a Nile Steamer. Much of what he says has not changed. The Nile & scenery on the banks of the river takes on a timeless journey of the Ancient history. Enjoy the video.


Cairo Sunset 

Here is a quick view of sunset while driving yesterday. 


Friday cycling 

A great sunny Friday in Cairo requires an outdoor action with no doubt.  So we grabbed our bikes and hit the road. It was a car free morning with many people doing just what we aim to do, outdoor open air activities.  There were the #we_run_maadi boys and girls. All young in thier teens or … Continue reading Friday cycling