It had been a while since I visited Luxor. I finally managed to make a visit last week and it was great to be back to my favorite sites, King’s Valley, Dier El Madina, Karnak & Luxor temples.

Tut Ankh Amun Tomb
Tomb is located at the valley floor below the large entrance to Ramses Sixth Tomb.

There was a great traffic of Egyptians discovering their country. It was great to see Egyptian families listening eagerly to their guides explaining the history of these great sites.

The inbound tourism was not of large numbers. The majority of nationalities i have seen were Japanese & Indian. There is a presence of Chinese but i have not seen exceptionally large traffic of them around the sites.

Colossi of Memnon
Colossi of Memnon standing at the entrance of Amenhotep III funeral temple.

There are few Nile cruises operating. In the good old days the Nile would be like a busy street in Cairo with all the cruises going up & down the river. But generally, it is better than same time last year.

If you plan to visit Egypt, now is the time.


One thought on “Luxor West Bank

  1. Happy New Year Bassem to you & your family. I’m keeping in touch with Jim & Betty. Do hope to visit Luxor in 2017. Sally

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