A while ago I was one of many who signed an online petition to the White House to recognise Moslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation. I received a reply today and thought, this has to be shared with the world. So i took a screen shot. Basically, after all these years and events in Egypt, the White House doesn’t believe MB are terrorists. Waooooooooooo. This is amazing news guys. Proves even more how deeply involved you are in messing up the middle east map. The New Middle East they call it.

Try to life here, Egypt, walk the streets I go through, sit on cafes and mingle with people. Hear their stories and the truth will hit you in the face.

White House response to MB petition.
White House response to MB petition.

2 thoughts on “USA & Moslim Brotherhood

  1. I hope this reaches you Basem. Thank you for sending me this interesting response from The U.S. I think about you & the family in Cairo & hope you are all well? We met on one of Jim’s trips many years ago. I am coming to Luxor in February with Jim & Betty when I hope it will be safe to do so? Kind regards

    Sally Sweeney Carroll mbe Sent from my iPad


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