An expressive sign in Tahrir
An expressive sign in Tahrir

I was in Tahrir Square on 27 November, and what an experience! It was a mixture of happiness, anticipation & sadness too.

It was great to see all social classes of Egyptians gather in one place for the sole purpose of the love of their country. Even though some differences in demands are present.

The controversy goes on, was it a wise decision? Did the president declare himself a dictator? Is he our first post-revolution Pharaoh? All kinds of questions are there and in my opinion, the confusion still goes on.

Signs made of Foam
Two sign made of foam, one reads NO and the other is a famous Egyptian slang.

Please, do not label us as stupid OR we can not see the light OR the dark. We are in the dark already. There are so many issues to tackle, but you know what, it is not very different than what I said before, I will say it again in bullet points:

  • Media is not telling us the whole story and sometimes they even say the wrong story.
  • Losing trust in newspapers, journalists & TV screen basically is tearing us a part. Including the Salafis & MB (Muslim Brotherhood) channels. They are not really helping a lot.
  • The President and his official team are not saying much. They talk at times of crisis ONLY, so we immediately think, here we go again, another lie.
  • The incredible arrogance of the MB OR whoever is in power. It seems like it a power acute disease. Once you get there, your hormons changes dramatically.

So we are still left with our old wounds and troubles. Personally, I lost faith in all leadership on all fronts. I trust only the normal average Egyptian citizen, basically people like me, who just wants to go on with their lives and raise their kids.


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