The mood is not great and troubles are looming ahead, but I can’t help it. I felt I had to say something. So here it is in a nutshell.

The President declared a new constitutional Decree where he obtain absolute power.

Many Egyptians did not like it and they took to the streets on Friday 23 NOV 2012.

Supporters of Muslim Brotherhood are in favor of the decree. Not surprised, right?

Where is the problem? Here it is, in my humble opinion; As I have mentioned in a previous post, there is a battle we do not know much about behind the scenes.

This is a result of this battle, some of the decisions are making sense and have been requested by the revolution and political parties long ago, like removal of the General Attorney. This is a high post in Egypt’s Judicial Authority. According to Law, hmmm, General Attorney either resigns or dies to leave this post to a follower. So he can not be fired basically. Well, at least this is what one of our laws, once upon a time, had dictated. I really do not know which law should we look at? It’s getting messy!
So, revolutionary voices wanted this guy removed long ago cause they thought he is corrupt, so the President did it, yet people are unhappy?

The reason, in my humble opinion, the method and terminology used in addition to other claws in the declaration. I’m not a professional journalist or analyst, all I’m trying to do here is just talk as a normal average Egyptian citizen sharing thoughts.

The President gave himself absolute powers, his decisions are not questionable by anyone and he basically have the three major authorities. This is a declaration of a tyrant Or dictator? call it whatever, it does not look good.

Another point is related to one of the houses of Parliament and the constitutional assembly. His declaration makes it untouchable too. Bearing in mind there is a court case against this assembly and it might be dissolved!

So, put all the above together and, we have a problem!

That was just a summery!


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