I thought of sharing this post from Heidi who traveled through Egypt recently and is talking about safety in Egypt. Her notes are worth reading. It is a great first hand journal of a single woman traveling through Egypt.

For Travels Sake

Is Egypt safe for tourists? Do I feel safe in Egypt? Is it a good time to travel here?

All frequently asked questions lately. The short answer to all those questions is, yes, I believe Egypt is safe. From the experience I’ve had over the last 6 or so weeks, Yes, but allow me to expand.

As with all entries in this blog, I’m writing from my own experience and point of view. As far as travelling goes my point of view is that of a single, female, independent, vegetarian backpacker. The vegetarianism probably isn’t relative to this post about safety, so I’ll make another one about food some other time.

I say that Egypt is safe for travellers because as a single female I have covered Egypt from Cairo, to the Western Desert, to Abu Simbel in the south and Dahab on the Red Sea. I have used

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