Today marks the celebrated bi-annual event of Abu Simbel Miracle of the Sun. On this day, the sun shines on one axis with the sanctuary of the Great Temple of Abu Simbel illuminating only three of the four statures in there. Here is a description and a couple of images of the Temple.

The Great Temple of Abu Simbel was built by Ramses the Second, one of the most active builder Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, therefore one of the most famous Pharaohs as well.
The Temple is cut in the mountain and its entrance is preceded by 4 gigantic statues of the Pharaoh and some members of his royal family. All the statures are carved out of the mountain. Many visitors think Abu Simbel is just a rock front with great statues, as a matter of fact it is a whole temple cut in the rock.

Great Temple of Abu Simbel
Entrance of Abu Simbel Great Temple.

The Sanctuary has four statures, Amun Ra, Pitah, Ra Hor Akhty & Ramses. The sun shines on one axis with this sanctuary on 22 October & 22 February each year. The sun illuminates only three statues, Ra Hor Akhty, Amun Ra & Ramses. The statue of Pitah is not touched by the sun. One of the reasons suggested is God Pitah was created in darkness according to a certain myth, therefore the architects of Abu Simble never intended to make the sun shine on his statue. This itself is a great feat of design and engineering because the statues are all lined up next to one another with the same gap between them.

Great Temple Sanctuary
Abu Simbel Temple Sanctuary

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