I had a very unique encounter few years ago while guiding a group of American tourists. We were walking through a field in the southern part of Egypt where we met a young farmer. He must have been in his early thirties, dressed in a torn old galabya, local gown like dress for men, and holding his sickle in his muddy hand. He stopped us and started talking with great confidence, in english…
We were all mesmerized at this man in these looks talking to us in perfect english! Noteworthy to mention that he was just coming down from one of his palm trees, he was collecting his dates.
So he asks everyone where they come from and he learns that all are Americans. At this point he initiates a very well structured civilized political discussion about George W. Bush. It was calm and to the point, even though it was very clear he was disagreeing with almost all the former presidents foreign policy. Remember, this is rural Egypt in the middle of alfalfa and palm trees plantations. No one got angry and all wee very elegant in their discussion.
Several days later, the tour came to an end and according to the group’s statement, this was the most unique experience.


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