The example below is what we really should look at with an insightful look. The new Minister of Culture of Norway is a Muslim woman aged 29 years old. Norway is a developed country and very prosperous. We hardly hear of any serious domestic problems there and if it wasn’t for the killing of campers last year by a Norwegian citizen, we probably would have forgot about Norway location on the map. This is a real example that every Muslim must be proud of as it dispalys the true nature of Islam.

According to Quran, The Holy Book of Muslims, God had created all mankind equal. There is no text in the Quran that mentions woman should be bound to kitchen sink and do the laundry. The right of education is given to both men and women as well as the right to work.

What i have mentioned above is just a tip of the iceberg. there are many details which I will details and elaborate on in further details in future posts. Meanwhile, i will leave you with this article about the new Minister of Culture of Norway. Click here for article.


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