Mr. O’Rielly had called for American Tourists to boycott Egypt. The call was radical to me and the reaction is no different than the thugs who tried attacking the US Embassy in Cairo. It is a shame that all what Americans would see at this stage is the attack on the US Embassy with no deep analysis of why and who! in this post below, i will do my best to answer the questions of Why & Who. Please continue reading…

In Egypt we are currently living through an unannounced war between the former regime and the present one. The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) had won the presidential elections in June 2012. It is natural and expected that they will appoint people they trust in powerful positions to try and fulfil their promises to the Egyptians. We are a very bureaucratic nation that employees 6 million people in the government. To achieve the desired change, you need hundreds of heroes to achieve only part of the desired change.

The former controller of all this bureaucratic machine was the NDP (National Democratic Party). The NDP is amazingly powerful and wealthy. We are living a phase of changing powers and it will not peaceful all the way. The corruption in beyond perception and the battle is hard.

Add to the facts above the nature of demonstrations we have been witnessing. In many case demonstrations had turned violent and people died. A couple of egyptian filmmakers had documented some of the demonstrations we had in mid & late 2011. They concluded some amazing facts and wonderful footage that shows clearly who can be responsible for violence. It also showed clearly that in many cases in is only tens of people who initiate and maintain the violence while hundreds are just watching. That was exactly what happened last week by the US Embassy. A couple of Egyptian TV channels had put their cameras there and they were running 24/7. It showed what i have explained above.

Poverty in Egypt is over 40%. There are many thugs and criminals who are still loose. Those would kill for a handful of cash. So turning a demonstration violent is not rocket science here, it is as simple as buying a cheeseburger. You just need to know the right people.

This is also a time where many people are seeking fame. In many other events we have seen radical opinions being reported and Talk Shows and TV channels rushing to the people doing this. When seeing them on these shows you realise how you and the channel had been lured into a trap of just another fame wanna be. What a waste of time. That is the case of radical bearded men who showed up by the US Embassy and kept calling for destruction of US and all the rest of it…

When reviewing last week’s events, you will not find hundreds of egyptians acting violently all over Egypt. There had not been a call to boycott american products. Unlike what happened with Denmark few years ago when boycotting Danish products took a real reaction form people. At that time, there had been no violence against the Danish embassy, WHY?

Violence in Egypt nowadays is monitored and controlled. It takes you back to what i have mentioned about the two powers fighting for exsitence.

The choice of date also should not be ignored, i think it is a big factor. The film had been on you tube since July, according to reports, so why start the violence in SEP 11???????? You can add another zillion question marks. I do not dare offer a suggested answer to this cause it is way up. These are huge international powers rallying events to their favour. These powers are driving all of us where they want us and i think they got you Mr. O’Reilly where they want you.

Travel is for building bridges of understanding between cultures. I think travel should not be used as a weapon for cultures to be apart, it can actually cause peace. At the end of the day, we are all the same specie but with different culture. Cultures are not causes of war, greed is the real cause of war and violence.


7 thoughts on “Message to Bill O’Rielly

  1. Travel is for building bridges of understanding between cultures. I think travel should not be used as a weapon for cultures to be apart, it can actually cause peace.
    I quote your words above Basem and I love them. I think if people would just think this way the world will be a much better place to live in.

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