I’m sure you have seen the current events in Cairo. i will try to answer the question, Would this affect my travels to Egypt? Well, it will certainly do. but how exactly would that happen, read on….

I’m a tour operator in Egypt, so it is in my interest to tell you, YOU ARE SAFE, JUST COME FOR A VISIT. This would work only if you choose to travel to luxor and aswan. the cruise lines between those two cities are not affected by the troubles. There are very few travelers from Europe currently enjoying these Nile Cruisers. If any plans a visit to Cairo, the best practice would be, Stay in a hotel at Heliopolis area. It is close to the airport and the district is safe and away from down town Cairo. Plus the fact there are many luxury hotels in the area. Regarding sightseeing in Cairo, you can certainly visit the Pyramids with no troubles. the usual Cairo Traffic Jams might be the only obstacle on your way to the pyrmaids. This route does not go close to down town Cairo.

As for the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square, it would really depend on the day you are visitng. some days the square is very quite, others it heaving with action. But be ready to skip the Egyptian Museum tour if there are demonstrations.

Old Cairo & Khan El Khalili are same case as pyramids. they are close to Heliopolis area and its a commercial district where many shops are only concerned with trade and business and they will be certainly delighted to meet any travelers.


One thought on “Travelling to Egypt

  1. Not that I’ve been able to get out much in the 2-3 weeks since I’ve been here, but as a foreigner I would mostly agree with what you say regarding the safety of Egypt. I think it’s more in people’s minds that it’s unsafe than actually BEING unsafe. Tourists need to come back and just use common sense!

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