I had just finished casting my vote for the first time ever. Today egypt had started moving towards democracy. It started at 8 am and still continuing till now as i write these words.
They Egypt Parliament elections had started today and will last till march. After all, we are 83 million taking first step into democracy.
In the past it was done in less time as results were pre arranged and forgery was monitored by the ministry of interior. This time, we want to do it right.
Securing the elections is a very prime issue,specially after the degrading standard of security we have been suffering since 28 january 2001. The army was keen on securing the elections and so far they did very well.
The Egypt Elections will go through 3 phases, today is the first, the second will be on 14 december and the third will be in early january. Each phase has different provinces. This is the genius plan the army had devised to be able to secure the elections.
The number expected to cast their votes today and tomorrow is 17 million egyptians.
I will be posting pictures very soon. This is just a quick update.


4 thoughts on “Egypt elections 2011

    1. This government will form a committee of 100 Egyptians who will draft the new constitution. Then it goes to national referendum. The 3 months period is due to safety reasons. they will not do all provinces at the same time.

  1. Hi Basem,
    Congratulations with this historical step! Hope it is the real beginning of a change in Egypt (and other countries). Hope that the “serving state”, where the systeem serves the people, instead of vice versa, will become one step closer.
    We can vote here in Belgium since 1918 and 1948(women), we are even obliged to vote (compulsary voting). I grew up with this system, it is so natural that it almost lost its value. Thanks for reminding how valutabeleid it is that an individual voice is heard!

  2. Basem, I’ve been following your blog since the first post, and just want to let you know how grateful I continue to be that I can hear the truth from a “man on the street” about events in Egypt. When I visited there, our guides told us that Mubarak was respected, almost revered. A year ago I came to realize that they were afraid to tell us anything else! I am so happy about what has happened in your country since then. However, the fact that the front-runners in the elections seem to be Islamist and fundamentalist parties is alarming. I hope you will keep us informed about your perspective on the meaning of the elections as they continue.

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