Last week events had been so bloody and unusual after few months of the revolution. Previously i have tried to explain the conspiracy theory of a third party causing all the troubles. Now we have videos to prove it. All videos are in arabic, however, you can at least see how they look like. i have an explanation of each clip.

Al Jazeera Channel Video: This one displays the protestors at Tahrir who were able to capture some of the thugs hired to throw Molotov Cocktails and stones on the police. Police had to defend itself, therefore some protestors and thugs too were injured. these events had caused the flare of the revolution to light up again. remember, this was an important step for the Former NDP (National Democratic Party) and its corrupt members to create disorder just before parliament elections. This was broadcasted life.

The young kid was caught steeling belongings from the Mosque in Tahrir Square. The second older guy was also caught in the mosque of Tahrir Square steeling shoes. The third young man was throwing Molotov Cocktails, and he actually admitted it on this video but he said its to protect the protestors. The man covering his face was caught giving cash money for the group to throw the Molotov. He refused talking to the Camera. The last guy was the most hilarious, he is clearly drugged and he claimed to the TV camera that he is kidnapped by those people. Al Jazeera Video

Ahram News Paper Article: these are two articles with interesting news. the first on e is about a Palestinian Journalist with 3 italieans who tried to set fire to a hotel in Cairo down toawn, very close to Tahrir Square. they set fire to 23 palm trees around the hotel entrance. the fire brigade was able to control the fire and they were arrested. The Second article is about an informer working for the notorious State Security. He admits to receiving 100 EGP a day for throwing Molotov on Police. again for the same purpose of heating up confrontation between the 2 parties.

The Third video is on a guy caught by protestors in Tahrir Square and confessing to taking money, cigarettes & food in return for throwing molotov at Police too.


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