The last few days were very sad and the sadness still continues. I will try to share my thoughts with you based on what i saw and some facts that were proved last night, 23 NOV.

The current events started escalating on saturday. However, we can not ignore friday and all the political discussion before it.
Friday, 18 NOV: islamist political parties had called on a million man march to Tahrir Square in opposition to a document issued by the government. This document was drafted by the vice prime minister and included a clause on the military status in Egypt’s future constitution. It was article nine which basically makes the army untouchable and above all legal actions. It does not give any authority for the parliament over the army. The army wanted this included in the future constitution.
This was such a strange move. Why do this in a country that had a revolution for democracy?
The million man march took place with no troubles. On Friday early evening, all political powers involved decided to leave, except for the martyrs families.
Saturday 19 NOV: the families decided to remain. They were only tens of people. before i go on, just a quick snapshot on who are martyrs?

during the events of january, many egyptians died by police bullits. Some died close and in Tahrir Square, others died during their attempt to raid police stations. Many of the people raiding police stations were criminials who were there either to free a relative or a friend or to steel a weapon from police station. So in other words, we should be careful when describing a martyr family.

Back to Saturday, some families remained and were demanding more payments from government. They were also complaining that payments had been delayed. At one point during this day, police attacked them in the square and was successful in dispersing them.
Well, here comes the media. The media made such a big story out of it that ignited people to go back to the square to confront police violence. They aired some interviews conducted with the protestors. No way they were protestors, these were thugs hired to do a job.
Since then, it had been escalating to the extends you all saw on TV.
Only last night the first clues were unveiled. Police captured 20 people on top of a school building as they were throwing Molotov cocktails on police and firing bullets. In confessions of one of them, he was paid 200 pounds ($33) for this.
Police is reporting several attacks on their headquarters and media is not there to cover.
The egyptian media has a lot to answer for as well as the egyptian police. They both are not totally devils or totally angels. There are many things to learn by both.
As elections are approaching, we can declare officially that struggle for power had started in egypt.
There is also another note, 3 american students were arrested by police as they were throwing molotov cocktails on police 2 days ago. They remain under interrogation.


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