What on earth is going on? Well, you are not the only one wondering, we are wondering too. The current events in egypt, when taking all reactions in consideration, leads to one thing, we are all confused! Truth is lost once again…..
On friday 18 november there had been a huge demonstration in Tahrir. The only request as they announced was for the Super Constitution Memorandum to be withdrawn by the prime minister. This document basically gives an untouchable status for the military.
Once you go through it, you feel the army is concerned of the day this state becomes democratic. Or they feel they will be taken to court later on for corruption when we get the new president. All these are impressions only. Nothing in their statements display in of these impressions.
Yet there is another VERY important fact, we know many neighbors who wants this country down! It is a fact that almost every egyptian realizes. We will be a threat to many others if we are strong and wealthy.
Last night events were an escalation with no reason. There was no point of going violent, however, there is an important fact i would like to share with you, in all these large demonstrations there are chaos creators. This is not my own theory, it had been proven by an egyptian film director. He took his camera to each and every million man march and smaller. He became aware of certain faces that appears when troubles are about to strike.
Many of us are now lost. We are aware of all the dangers, but you lose the ability in deciding the good, the bad and the ugly.
Well, Clint Eastwood might be of a help now. We need a Clint Eastwood, we need a Hero.


One thought on “Tahrir Event on 20 November

  1. A hero is someone who does something extraordinary, who looks at a situation and acts to protect more than one person (self), a person who does what is right, regardless of how others judge. I’d say you are well on your way to being a hero, because you are saying to the world what others are not.

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