what is the Islamic State?
I had just finished a workshop discussing the definition of an Islamic State. Its really facinating how a comparative study of several plitical systems came out with a conclusion that fascinated me!

After going through a lot of Quranic text and Historical events, we get to conclude that there is no political system imposed by God on muslims. We learn this from Prophet Mohammed ( peace be upon him) and from historical events that took place after his death.
His immediate successor delivered an opening speech stating that muslims should guide him to the correct actions had he taken a wrong path.
The rest of his main 3 main successors had been chosen or elected in a different method. This proves there had not been a certain methodology imposed by religion for choosing a leader.
We have to bear in mind that we are dealing with an old tribal community that knew nothing about elections. Leadership used to pass from father to son.
There are so many examples on freedom in history of Islam and in the Quran. I will get the quotes later to share it with you all.
This was a quick note and i will follow with more details later on.


3 thoughts on “Islamic State

  1. Really interesting post, Basem! I’ve come to the conclusion that politics (as power) and religion (as an institution) are too different to coexist peacefully. What comes from the heart, however, is too important to ignore, as it’s what makes us all one. Where power and heart meet is what changes the world. May that be so for your country and mine!

    Love, Joni (from the American EarthLight group of ’98 and ’09)

  2. Thank you for posting this information (which many had suspected anyway). World history is full of religion-dominated societies and events. Hopefully more open education in Egypt will uncover the dominance by the few.who want to keep everyone ignorant and illiterate.

  3. I also have start to study ideology of Islamic State. It seem like it quite open in definition of the word state and not just focus on “caliph” style only. A study of Umar Abdul Aziz define that Umar even he is elected by previous caliph. but he also ask the majority vote before he came a caliph in mosque.

    I think Umar Abdul Aziz should be a role model for Islamic State.

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