To all my dear American friends, I present to you all my condolences on this day of remembrance. I hope no such cruelty will be ever repeated once more against any nation or any race. The killing of civilians is totally against my religion, Islam, and our culture too. What ever terrorists and their supporters would say, it is not accepted by Islam to kill innocent unarmed people.


One thought on “9/11 Remembered

  1. Thank you for remembering the “World Tragedy”, as everyone in the world was affected by that attack. I think that most people around the world know that Islam is a religion based on peace, love, acceptance of others and their choices and differences. In any culture or point of view, all too often extremists join with those of violent tendencies to accomplish what they dare not do themselves. There are many words for bullies, none of them complimentary to any society which they do not represent.

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