I do not know why I have been in this mood for few days, Remembering the Revolution. it had been 5 months now since it started and i do now want it to be a vague memory. May be this is my reaction to where we stand now.

Talk shows are filling our lives. They are all over our screens day and night with a horrible content. Most of them are digging in the past and taking great joy in making sure that we have been screwed during Mubarak years.

I have not seen much talking about the future. Where are we taking this nation to? When are we starting reforms? Why do the meet the politician and the famous wanna be’ only? I really wish to see scientists out there on these screens talking development.

One of the people i have great respect for is Dr. Mahmoud Emara. He writes at Al Masry Al youm newspaper every monday. his articles are really talking about development. it is not new to him, he had been always doing that, even before the revolution.

Anyway, in order no to forget, i look at this video with tearing eyes. Revolution Clip


One thought on “Revolution Rememebered

  1. Perhaps it is time for you to write what you said in your post as part of an editorial in the Cairo paper? Or for you to submit the same to the talk shows that go nowhere and inflame everyone non-productively? Perhaps the problem is the focus was on defying the powers-that-be and a vision for the future was missing in the first place. Someone needs to start that discussion – perhaps it is you.

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