It is a great joy to be abel to travel and at the same time please others with your travel. This is what volunteer Tourism is all about I think. Volunteer Tourism breaks cultural barriers and build nothing but Bridges of Love. I think it is one of the greatest methods for achieving world peace. Well, my Canadian friend just did it…..

In October 2009 we conducted our first true Volunteer Tourism trip. It was a small group of Americans coming for the sole reason of helping the community. I have traveled to Luxor several times, since March 2009, in order to locate the right project for them. I have to admit, it was an eye opener.

We found a suitable project and the dream came true in October 2009. The walls were painted and new disks have been made for the kids to study. There was a 72 year old carpenter in the group. He managed to make 18 desks in 2 days only. The kids were great help of course. They were so thrilled to have visitors coming to help them and make the place where they live better.

Later on, another group visited in October 2010. One of the group members is from Canada. she fell in love with the kids and they did too. She repeated her visit to them on 7 April 2011, Esther Returned to Luxor.

The excitement with Esther visit was unbelievable. She contacted me to arrange for her trip and once the boys knew she is planning a trip, they could not have been happier. It was a grand event and once more, Volunteer Tourism proves to be a winner. In this video, esther took the boys on a bus around Luxor. In this video, Esther shows a new kitchen which had been made from donations collected after the last trip in October 2010.

Happy Volunteering. I wrote this in celebration of April Volunteer month in USA.


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