My few moments of fame. On 23 March I was privileged to take Laura Bly, Travel Editor at USA Today, on a guided tour to Tahrir square, Cairo. 

Tahrir Square tour is our new feature for Great Wonders of Egypt travelers. I have worked on documenting the day to day events of the revolution that started on 25 Jan. I have also visited Tahrir Square several times in order to locate & record the different major events that lasted for 18 days and caused our country to change radically, to the better, we hope.

Laura, John & myself walked through Tahrir Square for almost 2 hours. Laura has interviewed people and talked to many Egyptians walking through Tahrir Square. We even met the sweet potatoes seller who gave a potato to Hillary Clinton. His Sweet potato cart was still close to the embassy.

Below, i copied the link to the article and the video where I’m speaking about Tahrir square.


USA Today Article on Tahrir Square
2 Minutes video of Tahrir Square Tour


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