Mr. Ahmed Shafiq, Egypt Prime minister, has resigned today from office. He was appointed by President Mubarak on 29 JAN 2011. This date is right after Friday of Anger, 28 JAN 2011.

Mr. Ahmed Shafiq was a former Air Force Commander then appointed as Minister of Civil Aviation. He was EXTREMELY efficient in turning Egypt Air to be a Star Alliance member and he was instrumental in building Terminal 3 of Cairo Airport. Terminal 3 is one of the best airports in the Middle East, Thanks to Mr. Shafiq.

However, the revolution did not want him. There had been several demonstrations in Egypt and a planning for another one tomorrow asking for his resignation. Well, he finally did it. it is noteworthy to mention that last night there was a life talk show hosting him and others thinkers. The debate was so heated i had to drink coffee twice to be able to follow. It ended at 2 AM. He talked well but was not 100% convincing. I think deep in his heart he still carry some of the old regime behaviors. He also did not say what they wanted to hear. I think he should have been more frank on corruption, police abuse, torture in prisons and many other issues. He was being political, which does not work for the revolution. it is time to be totally frank.

Anyhow, a new Prime Minister is now appointed, Mr. Essam Sharaf. We hope he is better. here is a link that tells more on him.

He was a previous Minister of Transport, but he was kicked out due to his honesty and desire to conquer corruption.



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