Dear All,

Egypt is in Revolution. I thought I will never live to see this. I wanted to contribute with anything. My first contribution was a simple log of events on Days of Horror we lived through. I sent it to several friends and I got an almost unified reaction, you should publish this. It was Chris from ATTA that really encouraged me to go forward with this. So, here you are.

Why am i doing this? It makes a great difference when you know events from people who are living through it. Media can be deceiving sometimes. I’m also a historian, so i would like to share with the world why is it happening and why now.

Future Posts will be more like historical events that lead to where we are in Egypt. I will also include a comment on worthy events. I do not want to make it any longer so you do not get bored.

See you soon…


3 thoughts on “Creation & introduction

  1. Thank you for telling us directly how people are feeling and affected. So much media distortion has happened that it is difficult to know truth from hype. These events are always more impacting if we who are far away know someone in the affected area. Since you two were guides on a trip I took about 10 years ago, I have been concerned about you, Manal and the girls since hearing about events. Thank you for posting. May your optimism spread and define the movement for your country’s future. Many in the world think of you often.

  2. Thank you, Basem, for letting us know what this revolution means to people of Egypt, and what they are going through to make it happen. Please know that the world is celebrating with you! Freedom is a great thing, but it comes at a price as you know. I thank all in heaven for the fact that the army stayed with the people, and have great admiration for the courage of those citizens who fought overwhelming challenges to bring this revolution about. The bravery shown by the people and young men of the Middle East has touched my heart and my soul.

    We are also praying for your brothers and sisters who are fighting in Libya–praying for their safety and success.

    I know that you will always tell the truth. As you say, the media lies including the media in the USA, so it is good to have a direct connection to what is happening. I will keep checking back so keep us informed.

    Paula T.
    The EarthLight Group

    1. Hi Paula,
      i really appreciate your words and i thank you for taking the time to write them. i will do my best to keep updating Egypt Reborn with all major details. the path to democracy is long and hard. we know this now more than ever.

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